Tim Goodman has worked and served with teams as a pastor, paramedic, law enforcement, project manager for a technical company, and in various volunteer organizations. In each opportunity, Tim seemed to rise to positions of leadership. For 3 decades he navigated through the learning process, often by trial and error, but fortunate to be mentored by influential men & women willing to share their experiences, insight and influence.

Being a student of leaders and leadership while actually leading from the middle, Tim began searching for the essential components and characteristics that each influential leader and impacting teams shared.



As a result of those years of seeking, studying and experiencing, the foundations of Influential Leadership was blossoming into a replicable process… one to be developed into a driving desire to not only encourage leaders across the leadership spectrum, but to be applicable to ANY and every aspect of life.

Having a passion for leadership and communication, Tim’s desire to share what he has learned became his driving purpose. But as every leader understands, it takes a team to most effectively influence a strong positive outcome.

The Team Builders Blueprint was developed from that collaboration of knowledge, research, interviews and experiences from a dedicated team with a unified vision… seeing leaders becoming influencers with a team they trust.